The Moment

Let’s face it wedding planning is stressful!

It may not even be the bride or groom that carries the stress,

a lot of moms or grandmas take on that task on too. Even the most chill couples I have had the pleasure of working with have stress or even just the thought of being anxious. I know not usually what you want to talk about for the best day ever. Well, I am here to tell you it’s all worth it for this moment. The moment you let all your nervousness out and realize here you are with your official husband or wife. I love to see how couples just let them self finally go in the moment as they are walking away from the officiant.

The thought of I am standing in front of all of these people, the thought of did I pick the right dress, the thought of what is my one family member going to do all goes away.

Its the moment, The moment where everyone else disappears and all that is felt is the love between two people in the room. Its also the thought of did that just happen and are we really married after all of the planing and anticipation.

It’s also the moment that is the beginning of the whole story. The moment you get to call yours and yours alone.

So the stress, especially all of you that get to plan during a pandemic, is it worth it? Absolutely!

Mr. and Mrs. Axe

I had the chance to shoot a Halloween wedding this year!  It was perfect for these two who love the holiday so much.

We started the day getting ready…

These two are truly best friends and it defiantly shows.  They planned there outdoor wedding at the shelter house downtown St. Marys.  It was a brisk day but with the fire roaring it made it perfect.

They defiantly added some of their own fun, from their little Ring “Bear” to there unity volcano.

We had a lot of fun with this crew!


Then on to the Reception.  The fun continued with a caricature artist, pirate themed cake, toilet rides and Photo booth!

It’s a Girl

Today I want to share a happy story.  There are so many negative ones out there and especially this time of year we need a bit of joy!

A little girl joined us in this world at 3:55 on Friday December 4th.  She is perfect ten toes, ten fingers but best of all she has two parents that could not love her more.  They knew they wanted another bundle of joy, but that wasn’t so easy for them.  They turned to using a surrogate mother.  Here is their birth story….

It was a day of excitement, anticipation, a bit of waiting and killing time.  Her name was even decided that very morning as they waited for her arrival.

The anticipation for labor to kick in really got mom excited.  She was smiling the whole time.  I can only imagine what she was feeling.

Contractions were getting closer and  mom to be helping out as she could.

She finally makes her arrival!!! Tears of joy were spread through the room.

What a beautiful gift that was born.  A gift that had so many put love and extra care into.  Parents that can have a happy ending because of the love a stranger was able to provide for 9 months!